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Samba Packs
Samba Percussion conjures up many images. You think of Carnival in Rio, a whole Bateria of drummers, singers and dancers making the most explosive and loudest acoustic sound in the world. You think of the softer, quiter indoor Samba which is Pagode, with similar rhythms but different instruments. You also think of congas and bongos played by some of the finest percussionists in the world. Samba is a group activity, with a collection of simple rhythms melded together into a coherent piece of music. Each samba percussion instruments pack is designed to work musically when playing various Samba rhythms. There are of course some rhythms which need more samba instruments than those included in the 10 pack, but usually the addition of one extra bass drum can fill the gap. It is possible to play certain rhythms with only one Surdo and use no shakers at all, some need more of a mix, with three distinct bass parts and a collection of 6 or 7 different percussive sounds to colour the rhythm and add to the musical effect.
Agogo Bell & Black Black
Cowbell-sounding instruments and clackers!
Caixa - Samba Snare
A samba Snare drum with springs on the bottom to create vibration much like a snare drum.
Capoeira is Capoeira. Any other definition would be incomplete. The Berimbau is composed of a bow-like body, however rather than shooting arrows, the performer strikes the cord with a stick. This produces a deep resonance - the trademark 'Wah-Wah' sound - that is controlled by the movement of the cabaça against the musician's body. A coin or stone pressed against the string provides further control and a small caxixi shaker completes the instrument. The African slaves brought the Berimbau to Brazil where it is now closely associated with Capoeira.
Clay Pot Vessel Drum
The Pote/Udo drum is made entirely of clay.
The most distinctive sounding of all Samba instruments, the Cuica (pronounced 'queekaa') is a small drum with a stick attached to the middle of the drum head which is rubbed by the player with a piece of damp cloth or cotton. The friction on the stick causes the head of the Cuica to vibrate and 'squeak'. The pitch of the squeak can be changed by applying pressure to the drum head and change the tension.
Drum Heads
Fun Percussion
This is a range of children's instruments designed to be played as instruments rather than toys. As a result children can get a good start on great sounding, well-designed, small and safe instruments.
Maracatu is music from the North East of Brasil.
Pagode Instruments
Pagode is indoor Samba. The most typical instruments for a pagode are Pandeiro, Cavaquinho, Tamourin, Tantan, Repique to Mâo, Cuica, Ganza and of course the voice.
A heavier version of the common tambourine (not tamborim). It is played rhythmically and also spun on the finger for show. The Brazilian percussionist will have a Pandeiro for every occasion. The Choros instruments are very light, the Studio are heavier with tight, damped jingles, the cheaper instruments are made for Capoeira.
Reco Reco - Scraper
Spring drums, they are played like a Guiro, by rubbing the springs.
A side drum, taller than a snare, that is usually played with one stick and the bare hand, but is sometimes played with two whippy nylon sticks (particularly in Samba Reggae). It is tuned high, and has a metallic sound. This is usually the leader's drum.
Samba Cases
Cases for transporting and protecting surdos, repinique, timbas etc.
Samba In Education Tutor Packs
DVDs, CDs and Tutors for Samba in Education
Small Brazilian Percussion
Whistles, triangles and assorted small percussion instruments.
Snare wire, nuts, rods, tuning keys and general spares for brazilian instruments.
Sticks And Beaters
Surdo Contemporânea Wood
Legendary Contemporânea wood surdos, warm-sounding, well constructed, easily tuneable and much used in Brasil. Chromed professional Surdos are available to order. Some of the nicest drums in Brazil! Plywood shells, laquer finish and chromed rims and rods
Surdo Contemporânea Axé Compact Aluminium
A smaller range of Surdos which were originally designed for the great Samba Reggae displays of Salvador De Bahia. These were exuberant, and the larger-sized drums (18" plus) are thrown up in the air as part of the music as played during Carnaval. The smaller compact Surdos make ideal drums for smaller and younger players. They are beautifully made by Contemporânea.
Surdo Contemporânea Ginga
Schools model by Contemporânea, durable and sturdy, made from metal with painted rims, and plastic heads.
Surdo Contemporânea Professional
The pro range features: made from highly polished aluminium - great resonant qualities - 4mm metal rods - plastic heads - chrome tuning rims heavy duty lugs
Surdo Gope
Full-length aluminium body Surdos with black tuning rims and plastic heads as standard.
Surdo Nesting - Single-Ended Napa Head, Includes Feet
Developed by Dave Ledsam in conjunction with various Brazilian makers for use in smaller workshop areas. Single-ended Surdos which nest into each other, ideal for transport and light enough for smaller and younger players to use. The idea came from the use of Tam Tam and Rebolo with a surdo beater. These gave a deep tone by using a NAPA head on a single-skinned instrument. They make ideal drums for sports teams. Simeon Smith of the maSamba Samba school has developed a colour-based teaching method using these drums
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